An Adelaide based company staffed by individuals comprising decades of experience in the high fidelity industry. Our aim is to develop, support and broaden ATC's already formidable professional reputation within the domestic market. We welcome any enquiry from both dealers and end users alike. ATC products both electronics and loudspeakers comes with a six year warranty. The flagship 300 Series comes with a lifetime warranty to the original purchaser.

SCM40A HiFi Wigwam Review

The bottom line.. I’m sold. I can’t live without them. I need them in my life and will have to make the change.


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SIA2-100 Integrated Amp/DAC

ATC is celebrating the 2019 Bristol Hi-Fi Show with the debut of its new SIA2-100 Integrated Amp/DAC and CD2 CD Player, driving a mix of it’s award-winning loudspeakers.


HTS the ATC On-Wall home theatre speaker range with incredible performance. Designed with ATMOS in mind

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